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Cosmoses and microcosmoses 

It all started with some left overs of acrylic wool and a knitting mill. First came the circle elements, each representing  a complete cosmos. And than they united to create the clouds, becoming microcosmoses that compose another cosmos. The whole idea reflects the relationship between individuals and what surrounds them, like other indivuduals, society, nature etc. We are a complete cosmos alone. But we also become a microcosmos when we take part of a group, with our contribution we can create beauty, life, energy... and at the same time we can destroy our enviornment. This installation is composed of elements called "clouds" for their dreamy form, the lightness and softness of the material and the recall of the so much rain that destroyed many parts of the globe due to the climate change and poor care of humans. The colours are bright and vivid, just like our lives that go ahead without acknowledging the consequences of our carefree positions, convinced that our personal cosmos are so "micro" that wouldn't make any difference in the big scenario. 

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