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The Dumb Speech

“Do you know how you call a person who can't speak?
By their birth given name.”

The 'word' is powerful. The language is one of the assets of a nation. It characterizes a population, together with its history, governance and currency. It reveals who we are, where we're from and where we belong, It can build barriers but it can break them too. The term 'dumb speech' was used many decades ago for what we call today 'The sign
language'. Incredibly the use of the term 'dumb' for not speaking people has always been associated to the term 'stupid'. But what is more stupid than a person who uses their ability to speak to create hate and destruction? What is more stupid than opening your mouth to say things that you don't really mean? To hurt, criticize and judge
others? The use of our voices should always come with the word 'good' in front of it. The good use of our voices can make a difference, as well as the bad use. Let's avoid it.
My 'Dumb Speech' is a manifesto against prejudice and a self critique. For who are the real dumbs? We are all dumb. We are all deaf and dumb, when we only listen to what we want and say what we don't think. This is the real inability of humankind

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